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Bill Tolhurst creates some of the most popular surfboards in the industry. Creative designs, high quality materials and excellent craftsmanship are all trademarks of Tolhurst surfboards. These boards offer durability, buoyancy, and weights that meet the needs of the surfer., including several different shapes, styles and sizes to choose from.  Any level surfer, whether its beginner or advanced, can find a Tolhurst surfboard to suit, and not only are they high quality boards, but Tolhurst surfboards are fun to ride. See the breakdown of the Tolhurst board range below.


As the name implies, this is a really fun board and with the Thunderbolt Construction it is nice and light.
  • Low continual rocker, smooth control.
  • Wide point on centre giving a nice neutral planshape.
  • Convex bottom throughout with 60/40 small end of the egg rails.
  • Comfortable as a single, twin, thruster or quad fin, so we give you all the box’s and you can play around.


This board has a three stage rocker developed for the small waves with long wall that we all love to ride longboards on - up the front for nose riding - in the middle for trimming - down the back for turning.

The nose area has a very slight blended concave within a light convex bottom which transitions into a spiral V with double concaves and a flat tail behind the fins.

The perfect small wave performance board to compliment the HIHP.


This is the board that Harley Ingleby won his second  World Title on in 2014 and is an upgraded version of the board he won his first World Title on in 2009.

The Thunderbolt Construction gives an almost identical flex pattern to the EPS / Epoxy boards that I make for Harley and Jared Neal to compete on.

  • A true high performance longboard.
  • Continual curve rocker enables direction adjustments from anywhere on the board.
  • Flat under the nose for superior planing tight to the curl.
  • A slightly convex bottom through the middle helps keep the rails nice and free for quick rail to rail transitions.
  • A spiral V with double concaves and a flat tail area behind the fins allows powerful turning in all surf sizes.
  • Normally surfed as a thruster, the addition of quad box’s improves this boards handling in big surf where longer turns at speed are desirable.


The Minion comes from the Blacksheep series.

  • It has a flat bottom forward with a double concave inside a single between the feet and a deep single concave out through the tail.
  • A specialised small wave board that has evolved continually through all fin setups since 1969.
  • This is truly one of those rare boards that works with any fin configuration, as long as you use the suitable fins.
  • The wide tail lets you stay on the sweet spot, even through weak areas and across the flats.

The MINION loves to be surfed hard and comes in a quad / thruster box setup. 


The MOE has double concaves in a flat bottom set up with a roundish nose and a soft round square tail.

The rocker is pretty even like the HI HP and a 5 fin FCS II setup makes this a great fun board or a one board quiver for travelling in fun wave areas.